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Fee-Only Investment Advisors vs. Stock Brokers

The world of investment advice is plagued with conflicts of interest, hidden fees, obscure disclosures, and an overall lack of transparency. Brokerage firms may not disclose all of the hidden costs and conflicts typically inherent in the investments they recommend. Quite often, a client can end up paying 2-4 times what they think they are paying, thus diminishing their returns.

As a fee-only investment advisor operating under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Geneva Partners is legally obligated to operate in a fiduciary capacity, provide upfront disclosures, and adhere to the duty of loyalty and care to our clients.

Relationship-Based Investing

Personal service and attention are the hallmarks of Geneva Partners, and are the defining qualities that set us apart from our competition. The personal relationship that we develop with our clients starts with an initial meeting that assesses and identifies their financial needs, objectives, and risk tolerances. We then develop a plan that details our investment process, philosophy, and portfolio design. Once we have agreed upon an appropriate portfolio, we implement our recommendations. We then meet with our clients on a regular basis to review their account and investment strategy.

Active Management

At Geneva Partners, we believe it is vital to identify when to overweight or underweight certain investments and asset groups at the beginning or end of turning points that demarcate sustained movements in prices, economic growth rates, and financial market values that may last for years. We regularly step back from the daily, weekly, and quarterly information flow to ask ourselves these key questions:

  • How is a given asset class likely to perform over the next two-to-five years or more?
  • Who is going to buy these assets at prices that will produce the projected investment returns?
  • Is the price behavior currently exhibited being sewn by changing secular conditions that are apparent, but not fully grasped by the investing public?

To answer these questions, we assess patterns, cause-effect relationships, and the buildup of economic pressures. We also look for harder-to-predict factors, such as the psychology of the market place and what investors place emphasis on. Additionally, we rigorously scan the horizon for signs of change that will allow us to adjust our way of thinking and help our clients benefit from a significant secular change.

If you are looking to for an experienced investment advisory firm who is fully dedicated to the growth and preservation of your wealth, we welcome you to contact us via phone or email to get the conversation started.